Kleinwächter GmbH

Kleinwächter GmbH is a manufacturer of high precise, on the world market leading measuring devices on the sector of ESD measurement.


New Develops ! TOM 610 / EFM 025 / ESM 200

TOM 610 New TERA Ohm Meter up to 10 TOhms ±10% and maasure the Break down and Break Off Voltage ! With a big graphic touch display and USB Interface ! (3. quarter 2019) EFM 025 New...  mehr ›

 DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

KLeinwaechter GmbH is now certified ! Show certification !   mehr ›

New Software !

New KL_Read_Out with CPS function ! If you have driver problems with our UAC11o and new WIN10 try this: New Win10_Driver  mehr ›