Kleinwächter GmbH

Kleinwächter GmbH is a manufacturer of high precise, on the world market leading measuring devices on the sector of ESD measurement.

Impact of the Corona Pandemic

The health of our employees, customers and partners is particularly important to us these days. However, by taking comprehensive measures, we can continue to ensure our ability to deliver. Furthermore, we are available for you at the usual times by telephone and e-mail.


New Prices at 1st January 2022

Due to the sharp increase in material prices we are unfortunately forced to make a price adjustment of ~5%.

We hope for your understanding !


New Develops ! TOM 610 / EFM 025

TOM 610 New TERA Ohm Meter up to 10 TOhms ±10% and maasure the Break down and Break Off Voltage! With a big graphic touch display and USB Interface! EFM 235/255 NEW => with OLED -...  mehr ›

 DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

KLeinwaechter GmbH is now certified ! Show certification !   mehr ›

New Software !

New KL_Read_Out with CPS function ! If you have driver problems with our UAC11o and new WIN10 try this: New Win10_Driver  mehr ›