Electro Field Meter

Electro static discharge (ESD) is nowadays a problem at many workstations, because modern micro electronics (integrated circuits) are easily destroyed by the sequels of ESD. Other branches of industry like e.g. telecommunications-, plastics-, and explosive material industry are also heavily affected by ESD.

ESD causes losses of time as well ashigh financial losses and can endanger the human health. Charges of over 10000 Volt can emerge on people, clothes, material and equipment.  Devices that are sensitive to electro statics can be damaged by electro static discharges of less than 100 Volts. Charges of 3000 Volts and more can cause sparks. In endangered areas that can cause explosions.

There are different ways to avoid or to discharge electro static charges. To find an effectice and reasonable solution first of all the emergence, amount and polarity of the charge have to be found. Our devices are suitable for that purpose, as well as for monitoring the desired electrostatic charge.

EFM 022/023 EFM 113B/115 EFM 120
EFM 125 EFM 235/255