Measuring-Bracket V50

Up to now, surface resistances have been measured with heavy weights as defined in the relevant standards (e.g. standards group DIN IEC/TS 61340 and IEC/TS 60079). The measurement setup generally provides for a horizontal setup to ensure the pressure of the defined weights. Such measurements are usually performed in laboratories. In the ongoing production process and to ensure product quality, the prescribed measuring arrangements cannot usually be implemented.

In addition, the surfaces to be measured must be sufficiently flat so that the existing measuring probes have sufficient contact for an exact resistance measurement.

Such measurements are necessary, for example, to prove the surface resistances on bulk packaging for liquids (e.g. on Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container - RIBC).

The V50® measuring bracket for measuring surface resistances, especially on uneven concave or convex surfaces, is a solution that allows persons or handling systems (robots) to carry out the measurements in connection with a known measuring device (e.g. TERA-Ohmmeter TOM600/610) during the running production process.

The measuring bracket V50® consists of two isolated, rod-shaped components, each of which is connected to a measuring plate via a joint. The measuring plates are covered with a conductive rubber.

The two rods with the measuring discs have a possibility to connect measuring cables, which serve for the electrical connection to the measuring device.

The measuring bracket V50® has a third rod with an equally articulated foot.

The triangular arrangement ensures that the two measuring discs can always be placed flat. For manual handling or handling with a robot, a spring, with or without adjustment device, is integrated, which can generate the necessary contact pressure. By pressing down the spring under the handle to half its length, a reproducible contact pressure of approx. 50 Newton is achieved.

This measuring clamp V50® is particularly suitable for taking measurements on vertical surfaces.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions                                        : LxWxH ca. 130 mm x 80 mm x 175 mm

Contact ruber                                     : Diameter : 23 mm / Shore A – hardness 60

Weight                                               : 0,7 kg => Contact pressure spring  50 N

Connection                                         : 2 x banana socket 4 mm from top centric

Isolation                                             : Teflon bracket

Contact Resistance                           : < 1 kΩ (measured on a metal plate U=10 V )