MEL 250 (635.250.0)

Messelektrode ME 250Electrode for the measurement of surface- and bleeder resistances of table- and floor coverings. According to the standards:

EOS / ESD - S 4.1 /S 7.1, EN 100015-1, IEC 93, IEC 61340-2-3 and DIN IEC 1340-4-1



Dimensions: Diameter: 70mm, height: 50mm
Contact rubber: Diameter: 63mm, Shore hardness 60
Weight: 2,5kg
Connector: Banana plug 4mm on top centered
Isolation: Shrink hose R>1011Ω (U=100V)
Transition resistance:  < 1kΩ (measured on a metal plate U=10V)