TERA Ohmmeter TOM 610

TOM 610Touch-Display

The TERA Ohmmeter TOM 610 is perfectly suited for mobile use in industrial areas due to its compact design and battery operation. It can also be operated stationary with a plug-in charger.

The Tom 610 is operated with only two buttons and the touch panel. It is also menu-driven and therefore very user-friendly. All set measuring parameters are shown on the display for better orientation.

The enclosed PC software enables the TOM 610 to be operated computer controlled. In addition, measurement results can be managed and further processed.

The TOM 610 works according to the current voltage measuring method. To perform measurements according to specified standards, such as DIN EN 61340 or EOS-ESD 4.1/6.1, the measuring time prescribed in the standard can be set via the internal timer. As a world novelty the "Break-Down" resistance and the "Break-OFF" time can be measured.

The measured values including the environmental parameters can be stored in the internal Memory (up to 200 data sets). Thereby the measurements are maintained and can be read out later via the USB interface..

As the resistance values depend very much on the air humidity and room temperature, these influences are measured and stored together with the resistance value. This ensures a reproducible measurement. The date and time are also stored.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 224mm x 81mm x 40mm (L x W x H)
Weight:  350g

Graphic touch display
Display field 75 mm x 50 mm

PC- Interface: 

USB Interface



Battery: 4xAA-NiMH 2100mAh
Operation time with fully charged battery: >12 hours permanent operation
Charging time with provided power supply: max. 14 hours

Measuring range:

Resistance: 1kΩ..10TΩ Accurarcy ± 10%

Temperature: 0°...60°C Accurarcy ±3°C

Relative air humidity: 20%...80% Accurarcy ± 5%

Power supply: 9V-DC / 300 mA


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