EFM 022 (336.022.0)

Elektrofeldmeter EFM 022The electro fieldmeter EFM 022 is very user friendly due to its compact design and one touch operating. The dissipative housing of the unit is EPA - compatible.

Menu driven selection of measurement distance
Voltage potentials can be directly measured for preselected measurement distances, thus would avoid recalculation. 5 measurement distances are available, which makes it even possible for your most convenient handling in problematic areas.

Hold function
The hold function keeps the actual reading in memory, e.g. after obtaining measurements in spots where the on-line reading of display is not possible.

Charge Plate - function
You need our Charge-Plate Set.

Mount the plate electrodes on top of the EFM 022. Than charge the plate with the HV-Converter higher ±1.100V. By discharging the plate an internal timer starts at ±1.000V and stops at ±100V. The positive / negative discharge time will be shown at the display.


up from Version 5.3 (2019) you also have the following functions:

E-Field Meter Ranges:
manual selected.
± 20kV/m; ± 200kV/m und ± 1MV/m
Max. Value:
Distance 1cm is switched on (for MK 023)
After pressing the switch the maximum pos. and neg. Measure Values are displayed (Walking Test). By pressing the switch again the values will be reset and starts again.


No zero drift
Therefore a zero adjustment is not needed before each measurement.

Measurement ranges: 

distance 1cm: 0 to 10kV
distance 2cm: 0 to 20kV
distance 5cm: 0 to 50kV
distance 10cm: 0 to 100kV
distance 20cm: 0 to 200kV


Dimensions: 122mm x 70mm x 26mm ( L x W x H )
Weight: approx. 130 g (without battery)
Power supply: 9V Alkali battery  IEC 6F22




2-line alphanumeric LC-display with 12 digits each
The measurement distance in cm will be displayed in the first line, the voltage potential will be indicated in volts in the second line.
Scope of delivery:
  • soft bag
  • 9V Alkaline battery
  • grounding cable 1,5m 
  • 2 distance supports (2cm)
  • manual
  • certificate of calibration

We recommend the EFM022 ZBS with accessories set.



Charge Plate Set CPS 022
Charge Plate Set CPS 022

ZBS 022
Accessories set ZBS 022