EFM 113B (336.113.0)

EFM 113BThe EFM 113B is a small and handy electro field meter with a high sensitivity designed for the measurement of dc fields and static charges according to the fieldmill influence principle. Analog current output  (±1mA).




Dimensions: 120mm x 40mm (l x d)
Measuring range: 5kV/m, 20kV/m, 50kV/m und 200kV/m
Metering precision: 5% in a homogenous field

In the homogenous field of a plate capacitor
plate size 200mm x 200mm, plate distance 25mm
modulator system mounted centered in the plate
Power supply: 9-15V DC / 80mA
Interface: Analog current output �1mA
Alumonium clamping yoke with photo thread (optional)
Operating time: In one shift operation min. 2 years

Scope of delivery
  • Connection cable
  • Manual
  • Declaration of calibration

  • optional:

    clamping yoke for EFM 113B
    Clamping yoke

    Voltage gage head MK11
    Voltage gage head MK11

    SGG 421
    SGG 421