EFM 235 

Item Number: 336.235.0

High quality, precise, handheld electro fieldmeter. The incorporated micro-computer provides high operating comfort and ensures safe operating.


Solid aluminium pistol housing
Built-in 7,2V NiMH storage battery
Very high sensitive and accuracy
Digital graphic display
USB 2.0 Interface

Measuring ranges

± 2 kV/m
±10 kV/m
±200 kV/m


Dimensions: 170mm x 73,5mm x 77mm (L X W X H)
Weight: Approx. 560g
Display: Digital graphic display
Calibration accuracy: ±2%
Output signal: USB 2.0 Interface

Scope of delivery:

Transport case equipped with conductive foam interior
Mains adapter 230V~ / 50Hz
Measurement aperture x10
USB cable with Mini plug
Grounding cable with alligator clip
CD with PC Software EFM_ReadOut
Declaration of calibration


String measurement chamber FMK1
Thread measurement chamber FMK 1

HMK 40

High voltage gage head HMK 40

MK 1

Voltage gage head MK1