TERA Ohmmeter TOM 100  

TOM 100

Item Number: 866.100.0

With our TERA-Ohmmeter TOM 100 you getz a low cost Instrument to test the surface ristance from Floor - and Table materials.

The measure electrode is a  100mm x 100mm plastic plate with aluminum angle with conductive rubber strips in distance from 100mm.

With the TOM 100 can easily be made reproducible measurements, standard-compliant measurements are possible with the TOM 600 from our house. The device measures surface and leakage resistance from 103 Ohm up to 1012 Ohm.

The result is diplayed by 10 LEDs.

The measure voltage is 100V!

The internal resistance is 100kΩ, this is why a switchover of the measuring voltage is not required!

With the included measuring electrode with additional 2 kg weight you can executed at any time reproducible measurements.