Wrist strap- and shoe testers

In a working environment with a enhanced sensitivity for static charge resp. discharge ESD protection measures have to be accomplished. For a effective protection as like according to EN 61340, if need be including necessary documentation, the applied protection measures have to be checked. With our devices we offer you a simple possibility to supervise and check wrist straps, derivationable shoes or the whole working space.

Advantages of Kleinwächter devices
Our devices provide you besides the high quality standard some more advantages that competing products do not have, as for example:

Statistical error memory
Some of our devices provide error statistics that you can read out with your computer, what makes the documentation of taken protection measures much easier.

Adjustable tresholds
The thresholds of all of our products are adjustable by the customer to changes in norms or requirements. Therefor our devices are future-proof investments.

PGT 50 PMS 300
SST 200 SST 210
WST 50 WST 100