Shoe Tester SST 200

SST 200The SST 200 checks conductive shoes for the chemical, pharmaceutical and electronic industry. Everywhere where conductive shoes (e.g. explosive areas) are prescribed, they should be tested in regular intervals on correct function. The SST 200 is a reliable and cost-effective solution for that. The device is transportable and can be applied anywhere because of battery operation. The tresholds can very easily be adjusted by the customer to his needs. The calibration can also be made in the required intervals by the customer himself.

370mm x 440mm x 50mm  (L x W x H)
Weight approx. 1,2 kg
Power supply: 4 Mignon Alkaline  (AA)
Display: 1 LED green,  1 LED red
Measuring principle:

Voltage current measuring principle, therefor constant voltage
Measuring voltage: 20V ±5%


Lower treshold adjustable from 0 to 2MOhm
upper treshold adjustable from 5 to 200MOhm
Customized values on demand!

The device recognizes when a person steps on the electrode. The person has to stand on both measuring electrodes. Now the resistance from the Left to the right shoe is measured and checked whether the value is between the chosen tresholds. If the resistance value is between the adjusted tresholds the green LED lights. If the resistance value is lower than the adjusted tresholds, the red < LED lights. If the resistance value is above the adjusted tresholds, the red > LED lights. The result is displayed for 2 seconds after the person hast left the electrode. After that the device powers off.

The upper and lower treshold can be adjusted by reference resistors.