WST 100

WST 100The WST100 provides a function test for electrostatic wrist straps and conductive footwear. Before you get access to ESD-secured areas the ESD precautions like wrist straps and conductive footwear should be tested on correct function.

The WST100 is a reliable and advantageous solution for this. The appliance is portable and through its battery power employable everywhere.

The setting of the tresholds and the calibration can be done very simply by the customer himself.

As a specialty the device has included a statistical error memory, which allows a statistic evaluation of the errors.

Hand-held unit in a plastic housing 150mm x 88mm, complete µC controlled. The shoe electrode is a plastic plate (370mm x 440mm), that includes two stainless steel electrodes for the left and right shoe.

The display includes 7 LEDs:
A green LED (8mm) for o.k.
A faulty measurement is displayed with one red LED one for wrist strap, shoe right or
shoe left " <", to low, or ">", to high
Additionally a buzzer has been integrated.
The appliance possesses an integrated relay 60V / 0,5A (in the shoe electrode).

The device is powered with 4 Mignon (AA) Alkaline batteries, optional: NiMH rechargeable batteries. With approximately 100 measurements a day on 5 days per week the unit will run one year with one battery set.

With the optional plug charger and NiMH accumulators, the appliance can be run permanently.


Hand-held unit: approx. 150mm x 88mm x 35mm
Shoe electrode: approx. 430mm x 500mm x 10mm

Hand-held unit: approx. 250g
Shoe electrode: approx. 2kg
Power supply:

4 x Mignon (AA) in the hand-held unit
optional: Wall wart WST 100 NT
1 LED 8mm green, 6 LED 5mm red, 1 buzzer
Relay contact:
potential-free shutter 60V 2A
Measuring principle:
Voltage current measuring principle, therefor constant measuring voltage
Measuring voltage:
All connections over 9-pin Sub-D plug

The tresholds are seperately adjustable for the wrist strap- and the shoe test. Lower treshold from 0 to 2MΩ
upper treshold from 0 to 200MΩ

Customized values are available on demand!